Some Education Focus / by Eddie Jennings

On my MangoLassi profile, I say I want to "learn all t3h things."  I see this as a blessing and a curse.  The blessing is obvious:  I have a thirst for learning that can't be easily quenched.  The curse, in my humble opinion, is that focusing on what to learn becomes quite a challenge.  I have a problem similar to yak shaving.  Rather than having the problem of to learn A, I must first learn B.  To learn B, I must first learn C.  It's more like When learning A, I realize I need to learn B and C, and then want to deep dive into B and C, and feel frustrated that I get distracted from A.

The above has been my experience with gaining knowledge and experience with IT, in particular with learning to administer Linux systems.  To combat this, I've decided to focus my efforts on the RHCSA certification.  I think following this path will result me in developing a solid education foundation, which will reduce the amount of yak shaving I'll experience as I gain skills with administration.