FreePBX Experimentation / by Eddie Jennings

This weekend, I decided to spin up a vultr instance of FreePBX.  The goal of this project is to learn to install, configure, and administer it in order to eventually do the same for my company.  Simply because other things got in the way, I didn't get a fully functional PBX going.  That is fine, as the goal is to try, break, and learn.

Here are a few two I've learned / discovered along the way.  First, check out this guideJared Busch does a great job at giving on a basic step-by-step, since once you install FreePBX, it can seem a bit unclear about knowing what to do "next."  Second, realize while this is CentOS under the hood, it's customized for FreePBX/Asterisk.  yum update -y works fine, as do most other commands; however, when I did a test of creating another user specifically to not have to use root to do tasks, I ran into some problems.