A Little Break / by Eddie Jennings

After spending a chunk of today crunching some numbers to estimate costs between SIP providers, I decided to take a break from my PBX project tonight.  Instead I spent some time playing Naruto Shippuden:  Ultimate Ninja Blazing.  One of my favorite aspects of the game is the Phantom Castle.  Last Phantom Castle run was my best.  I ended up ranked 221, much to my surprise.  I also did my first ever in-app purchase for a game (my way of supporting the devs).  I've had a few losses (some of which from my own miscalculation; some of which from phone calls putting my ninjas in poor positions) so far, but I'm confident I can beat 221.  Hopefully it'll replenish the ninja pearls I have to spend.

I also watched a bit more of House of Cards.  After several recommendations, I finally started watching it a week or so ago.  I'm now into season two, and I must say, it has exceeded expectations.  The last Washington-like show I enjoyed was "The West Wing."  HoC ranks with it.  If I had to pick a favorite character to date, it would be Doug Stamper.  He functions in a way that I admire -- just get the job done.