Reflections on MangoCon 2017 / by Eddie Jennings

Well, I failed my plan to blog at the end of teach day of MangoCon (in addition to trying to do at least a post a week).  Oh well.  At least I'm writing now.

I became involved with the community in October (2016).  Since then, I had my eyes opened.  The community has given me clarity about what I'm supposed to be doing as an IT professional, which allows me to better assess what I want to do / if I want to continue following this path.  In addition, I've had many technical questions answered and received suggestions on what I can do to improve my own skill set.

How does this apply to MangoCon?  At MangoCon I finally had the opportunity to meet many of the people who have helped with the above.  I had the opportunity to discuss some situations specific to IT and where I work.  Most importantly, I had the opportunity to listen and process information from experts.  I learn well with the auditory mode.  I like to hear information, which allows me to at the same time think about it.  I was that odd kid who enjoyed lectures :).  MangoCon was paced perfectly for me and the information presented was relevant (VoIP with FreePBX, Sodium project, functional budgeting with IT, practical suggestions for security).