Exploring KVM - Day 0 / by Eddie Jennings

I've decided my next project for my home lab will be centered around KVM.  My goal is pretty simple:  install, configure, create some VMs, and take / restore snapshots.  A secondary goal is chronicle what I do here.

I've just finished Game of Thrones, and I'm tired, so tonight will be some day 0 tasks.

I am starting from scratch with my Dell R310 server.  I made a new RAID 1 array of my hard drives (Perc H700 is the RAID controller).  And I have a bootable USB stick of Fedora 26 server.  I made the bootable USB stick using my Korora 25 laptop and the dd command.

A side note, I need to dive into Squarespace a bit more (or use a different platform as this is one of convenience from a few years ago) do I have dd appear as a code snippet, rather than the entire paragraph.

Moving on.  I used the GUI installer for Fedora 26 server and chose the Headless Virtualization option from the installer.  I went ahead and configured networking in the installer as well as an administrator user.  I let the installer handle the partitioning and formatting of the hard drive.

Tomorrow, Day 1 will be seeing if I can create a VM.  Methinks there will be some yak shaving, as this is literally a system with just an OS installed.  Also, I'm doing music library tasks for the Peachtree Symphonic Winds after work, but I still have the goal of creating one VM.