Burning Ninja Pears Like There Is No Tomorrow / by Eddie Jennings

I know, I know.  Everyone was expecting Exploring KVM - Day 1.  Well, that's coming either tomorrow or Wednesday.  I was derailed a bit this evening.

First, there was Peachtree Symphonic Winds business.  With the help of Allen Barbee and his son Casey, I started the process of sorting music and stuffing folders for the 2017-2018 season.  Rehearsals start next week, and I want to get this done before DragonCon.  Then some of the PSW board members were on a call to discuss grant applications.

Then, there was what has been my favorite iPhone game for the last year:  Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing.  This game has brought me hours of entertainment, and also saw my first ever in-app purchases.  One of the nifty things about the game is content will come and go.  That way you don't have the exact same game over and over again.

One such piece of content is the Phantom Castle stage.  It's become one of my favorites.  My goal (usually) is to be ranked in the top 100 before the game ends (usually lasts a week), that way I'll get 6 of the featured character, so I can use the character at the lowest cost.

This was one of my better runs.  I had 60 something wins before I had a loss.  In fact most of my losses (I think I had 15 or so) was due to a way over-powered Sakura character.  The story though is the race to the end.  Phantom Castle closed at 23:00 EDT on 8/28/17.  Because of being busy at work today and the aforementioned PSW stuff, I was rank 130-something at 21:45 EDT.  You can recover one Phantom Castle stamina (each match costs 1 stamina) every hour.  I had three available (the max).  Well, in order to get into the high ranks, you have to spend ninja-pearls (the things you can buy for actual money) to replenish your Phantom Castle stamina.

I had used several ninja pearls through the week, due to having a large stockpile of them, but here at the end, I was burning them like there was no tomorrow.  I even had the game on 2x mode, so I could get through matches faster, striving to get below 100.  The rank seems to not budge, but finally, it started to lower.  At about 22:20 I had finally broken the barrier.  I still had several ninja pearls left, so I kept going, and going, and going.  With 24 seconds to spare I started my final match for this run of the Phantom Castle.  I finished just before maintenance began, so I hope it will count.  At last look my rank was 19.

Tomorrow, I have a raid with my guild on Project 1999.  If I'm not too tired after the raid, I'll dive into KVM, but it'll most likely be Wednesday.  If you're a fan of Naruto, check out that game.  You 100% do not have to spend money to play it, but, in my opinion, it's nice to support the developers every now and then.