Only 24 hours in a day / by Eddie Jennings

Ok, f() r3@lz, I'll get to KVM tomorrow (Wednesday).  There was a small block of time to which I could've worked with it; however, I needed some relaxation / vegative time.  I'd rather not dive into something unless I really have some time to devote.

So what happened today, you ask?

First, my current contract project is to write an arrangement for the Pinckneyville Middle School Symphonic Winds that is a tuba feature with band accompaniment.  I made great strides with that and completed the first official draft of the piece.  I've been working with Roland Ventura to make sure the piece meets the needs of his ensemble, and finally a draft has been produced.  It's been a fun process so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing it through completion.

Second,  E-mail.  It never amazes me how an hour of time can evaportate by simply catching up and responding to E-mail.  I can remember during my band directing days, I had to read and / or answer probably 50 E-mails per day.  I'm sure this is far less than what some professions require, but it still seems to take far more time than intended.

Finally, my relaxation time.  Since my cleric has a full set of keys for the Plane of Sky, I decided to hop on Project 1999, and help my guild for the last bit of tonight's Sky raid.  If you play on Project 1999 look for me in game on Serous (my wizard) or Sanabo (my cleric).

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, between a gym training session, and needing to generate some invoices, I think I'll finally have some time to devote to KVM.