Exploring KVM - Day 2 - Console Graphics / by Eddie Jennings

Yes, it's been a while.  Life got in the way; however, I'm back on track.

The last time I worked with my KVM experiment, I couldn't actually see the console.  After some Googling I discovered the issue was with using Spice as the graphics type.  Unfortunately, it's been two weeks since I discovered this, and I can't find the link to share.  The fix was to change the graphics type to VNC.


This doesn't actually solve the problem, as Spice appears to be default for KVM; however, for the short term, changing to VNC.

My next task is to look into Spice to see what needs to be done in order for a remote system (my laptop) to be able to see the console using Spice.  I suppose the next question is "do I really need this?"  It's a valid question as I'll likely be using SSH for server management, but I still say "yes."  What if I cannot connect to the VM with SSH?  I need to have some way of accessing it.  Also, for the OS install, if I wanted to do that using the GUI, which at this point is my only option, as I haven't learned to do an all text-based OS install for CentOS or Fedora, I have to have some kind of console access.