New Business / by Eddie Jennings

A good bit has happened in the month of September.  The biggest news is that I formed an LLC named Eddie Jennings Services, LLC.  It's been a long time coming, as my saxophone teaching and freelance IT projects have become a steady part of my life.  I felt it was wise to do this at the very least from a liability standpoint, as well as, it creates a clear boundary between my business interests and personal interests.

With this LLC there will be a few changes.  First, will remain my personal site, as that was the point of it way back when it was inspired by  Right now it's been serving my personal needs as well as providing information about saxophone lessons and IT services.  My plan is that this actual site (hosted by Squarespace) will be transformed into the LLC's site (since I've just recently renewed the hosting for another year).  I'll then create a separate site for  I'll try to export as much blog stuff from here as I can, and possibly dig some blog stuff up from the past.

It's been an exciting ride forming the LLC.  I'm blessed in the fact that I'm not under any kind of timetable and deadline to get stuff going, as this is an LLC for my side projects, but who knows?  It may turn into my full-time project.