Onward To Storage

As much as it pains me to say, I’m ok with not having memorized every little detail about DISM from Chapter 1 of my MSCA book. I’m excited about starting the next chapter: Storage. I read the first section tonight, which for me was a review about NTFS permissions and information about disk sectors and allocation units. What I found interesting was that you can make NFS shares on a Windows Server. I’ve yet to get around to playing with NFS shares on Linux, so this will be an opportunity for me to see if I can make up a little lab scenario where I share files between a Windows and Linux system using NFS.

I’ve heard about ReFS before, and this chapter touched on it a bit. I’m curious though to see if it’s actually production ready and whether or not it’s being considered and used when folks are deciding about which filesystem to use. One of the things I intend to do spin up some VMs and format volumes with ReFS and see if I notice any differences from NTFS.

One thing I noticed so far in this chapter is no mention of using PowerShell to modify NTFS permissions on items. I’m not surprised because, to my knowledge, there is nothing native with PowerShell for doing such motifications. I know you can probably use ICACLS to modify permissions, but still. . . Luckily, thanks to Raimund Andree there is this. To this day, it absolutely blows my mind such functionality is not just a part of the current version of PowerShell.

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