Another week is done

Well, the blog isn’t completely ignored. I could easily not be writing this post.

This has been a busy week. Thursday night had a performance with the Peachtree Symphonic Winds. I don’t remember much before Thursday, but work was busy. Tonight had me trying to cajole NextCloud into working. It’s tough when you have an error griping that something can’t write to a particular direcctory after I set the permissions to 777 just for fun. I’ll take another stab at it this week under the guidance of Jared Busch.

On a more positive note, some weight loss was experienced this week. I flirted with 269 a couple of times. Perhaps soon I can finally break out of the 270s consistently. I also jogged at 14’46” mile according to my Apple Watch. That’s probably a record for me.

I also did a bit of thinking about my learning lab I think I’m going to switch gears again to my original goal of the non-network side of the lab: Linux. I do not dislike Windows, but I always seem to have more fun poking around with Linux in my lab scenarios, and I figure this lab should serve two purposes: gain skills and have fun. So step one: Finally get NextCloud functioning — damn it! I’ll let you know if I’m ever successful with it. After that will be seeing what interests me at the Linux Academy. I’m grandfathered in at a good rate, and I remember enjoying using it in the past.

Unrelated note: Upgrade of my KVM host to Fedora 29 was successful!

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