RHCSA Certification

I am one of these folks who would like to know everything, and sometimes, I must be brought back to reality and realize that I cannot know everything. The question then becomes with the limited time I have, what do I want to learn? Since “everything” isn’t an option, I’ve decided to spend time learning something that follows a flame of passion: Linux administration. Much like my desire to take a semester of Latin during undergrad, there really isn’t a reason for this outside I simply want to do it. I’m also interested in having a Linux admin job one day, but that’s simply the logical progression from learning about Linux administration.

I do not dislike Windows, and some of the stuff I poked around with in my cert book was useful. I look at it from this perspective. Each day at my job I’m working on honing Windows administration skills and / or research how to do something within the realm of Windows administration. When I’m at home spending my own time and money, I’d rather put that effort toward a personal interest, which right now is Linux administration.

Of course, I could make the argument that I should spend my personal training time working on skills that improve the skills used for my job. My problem with this is that makes the line blurry of when work-time ends and Eddie-time begins. Therein lies the beauty of what I’m doing. Some of the general knowledge and skills I’ve gained from my few Linux administration experiences helped me become a better Windows administrator. Having another way to do the same kind of task (another way meaning I’m doing the same task in a Linux environment rather than Windows) allows me to understand the why and how of the task a bit deeper. So when I return to my original environment, I can often troubleshoot a task better since I have a deeper understanding of whatever that task is supposed to do. I have no doubt that what I learn studying for the RHCSA exam will have a positive effect on what I can do in the Windows environment at my job.

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