RHCSA: Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

Returning to Linux Academy almost feels like coming home. Everything I’ve worked on so far is a review of when I looked at this material about a year ago. It’s nice having things come back to me.

The observation of the day. I love the fact that, if needed, you can reset the root (or any password) without having to use any kind of third-party software or having boot media. You have to have console access, but that’s it. Here’s the procedure I was taught.

  1. At the GRUB menu, select the desired kernel and edit the configuration (press e).
  2. At the end of the linux16 line, add rd.break.
  3. Press ctrl+x to get into the initramfs shell.
  4. Remount the /sysroot directory using mount -o remount,rw /sysroot.
  5. Change root to /sysroot using chroot /sysroot.
  6. Use passwd to alter whatever user’s password.
  7. Create /.autorelabel for SELinux.
  8. Exit chroot and initramfs. Wait for the system to reboot.

Note: Dr. Google says that doing the SELinux relabel might not be the best thing to do. The above is what I was shown from the Linux Academy tutorial, and there may be a better way to do this.

On Nextcloud: I was able to get the script to work (by taking some ideas from Jared). I might revisit it one day, but the point of the exercise was to play with building a script, which I did.

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