Finally! A Post!

There should’ve been a couple of posts this week, but alas, stuff got in the way.

First, after some of my MangoLassi friends helped point me in the right direction, I fixed an SELinux issue that was preventing me from being able to update anything on my WordPress installation. Through that same endeavor I discovered WordPress CLI. From that point, my life was forever changed. Updating the WordPress installation is a snap, and I’ll probably use it the next time I need to do a full install of WordPress.

So now, I have a nice up-to-date installation, which apparently automatically turned on their new Gutenberg editor. I was a bit shocked, but no big deal. New GUI for writing a post? Fine. I’ll poke around for a bit and figure it out. While writing my first post, I see that an error appears saying “Updating failed.” I then notice that the Preview function loads forever and doesn’t do anything. I might have tried to publish as well. At this point, I was tired and fed up with WordPress, and decided to just lose the post (yes, I know I could’ve just copy / paste).

After looking at SELinux logs and doing a little Googling, I turned to the dev tools in Chrome, and discovered that there’s an issue with mixed content. I dealt with this before when I first deployed wordpress, and apparently the plugin I had at the time wasn’t doing all I needed it to do. I then discovered SSL Insecure Content Fixer and something to add to my proxy server configuration. So far, that did the trick, so I now have a current, functional install of WordPress again.

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