Cert Adventures and Zimbra

Tomorrow I will get back to RHCSA training. I’ve been too busy with my lab to get back into my modules. Speaking of the lab, the colo lab is starting to be transformed into production for the LLC, which is kind of exciting.

Almost all of this weekend was devoted to reading about and deploying Zimbra Open Source. I did use some guides on MangoLassi, but really the installer script does the heavy lifting. The greatest frustration was getting an IMAP client to connect — of course this was instantly fixed once I remembered to open the necessary port on the VM’s actual firewall. >( I always hate when I’m the source of wasted troubleshooting time.

Working with deploying an E-mail server gave me a chance to re-familiarize myself with SPF. Even though it’s easy to use, I had to reference some syntax to make sure I did it right. I also intend to utilize DKIM, which I don’t have a deep understanding of how it works. I’ve followed guides before, but never took a chance to learn what’s actually going on.

On an unrelated note, you probably saw a certificate error on the site for the couple of days. My apologies. I thought I had setup a cron job to have certbot auto renew my certs — apparently I did not. That’ll be fixed within the next three months.

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