The Journey to MCSA Begins

I purchased these e-books not too long ago, and it’s time to get started. The way I plan to prepare for this certification is to try to create some applicable scenarios in my lab based on whatever objectives are covered in each of the chapters. At the end, if I feel confident enough to sit the exam I will. Otherwise, I’ll be happy with whatever I learn along the way.

Earlier this week I finished configuring my Hyper-V host. Tonight’s (tomorrow’s?) task is making some template VMs. Plain Hyper-V manager doesn’t have a way (about which I’m aware) to create templates such as VMWare vCenter; however, I’m simply making a couple of VMs, patching and sysprepping them. To clone I should be able to copy and rename the VHDX, configure a new VM, and attach the VHDX. Alernatively, I could probably export the “template” then import it. Either way, I’ll be able to spin up VMs a bit quicker, since I won’t have to patch them. I’ve used differencing disks in the past. I might try them again, since I can’t remember with 100% certainty how dependant child disks are on the parent, which will be significant when I eventually need to patch the parent again.